Hello and thanks for your purchase. Welcome to the series of energy events on MONEY and all the divine-plane suggestions for dealing with money. You are now registered for calls #2 and #3.

Because of the US presidential elections, there’s a lot of energy kicked up around money these days: envy, frustration, even outrage. I’ve created this series of events to help re-align people’s energy matrices around money.

The first live event is already over, but it was foundational. If you haven’t subscribed, you can do so at any time on the main registration page (see the link in the postscriptum).

The second and third events have the same call-in information (you’ll want to be on the phone to be able to ask your questions if you are available at the time of the call): 425-440-5100 PIN: 944199#

The webcast (live and replay) for the second event, live on Satruday 12 March at noon ET, is:  http://iTeleseminar.com/81859773

The webcast (live and replay) for the third event, live on Satruday 26 March at noon ET, is: http://iTeleseminar.com/81859899

Can’t wait to “see” you on the calls!

Own Your Magick,

 P.S.: Feel free to invite your friends to the event with the case-sensitive magick work TRIBE in the special box. Here’s the link you can send them to:  http://www.elizabethlocey.com/live-oracle-transmission-on-money-and-sacred-economics/ Thanks again!