“Life of Struggle” Reframed as Extreme Sport for the Soul

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This week I did a powerful channeling for a powerful client, but one who has lived a life of struggle for most of her 60+ years. Essentially, she was feeling really discouraged and “burdened” that she’d spent so much time and money trying to find what she was meant to be doing in this life. And heartbroken also that she felt so alone.

As usual, the Divine perspective on this was very different from hers.

She felt misunderstood, lost, alone, unable to wrap her hands around her true gift, and had spent tens of thousands of dollars on spiritual trainings and readings to try to find something that would fill her up. She was emotionally, physically, and financially exhausted. It broke my heart to hear her.

According to the Records, she wasn’t some poor, powerless, downtrodden soul who was, despite all her best efforts, constantly behind the 8-ball. Au contraire.

The Records put it this way: she was, in fact, one of the MOST powerful beings out there. An Ascended Master who chose to come back to Earth after many millennia of watching from above in order to pave the way for the new age of Light, the dawn of which we are watching right now.

I’ll get to the punch-line first, and then go back to fill in the details.

In short, she signed up for this adventure much as an extreme sports enthusiast signs up to ski off a cliff. Adventure! Fun! Excitement! But as she skied off that cliff, the amnesia that we all get upon incarnation kicked in, so when she looked down, it scared the poop out of her! And she’s been fighting it ever since.

She and a group of 8 other Masters intended to incarnate in the early 1960’s in order to ready the planet for the first generation of Indigos, like me. (And maybe like you, since you’re reading this.) They wanted to set the stage for the Grand Shift. It was going to be fun, an exhilarating challenge. They were all set.

“Suddenly” (this means something else on the Cosmic timeline) the Earth called out for them all to incarnate sooner: in the years after WWII, there was a dramatic escalation of fear, and it became clear that unless there was a radical intervention, the Earth would cease to exist by 1963.

So all the Masters rushed to Earth without taking the time to stop and lower their vibrations incrementally on other planets. When they arrived, they all planted themselves like enormous “Trees of Light” (the Keepers’ words) around the equator and joined hands to form an unbreakable band or circuit, and this both stabilized the rampant fear and created a portal for the Indigos, Rainbows, Crystals, etc.

The Earth was saved from imminent destruction, but the upshot for the 9 Masters was that the extreme fear they’d planted themselves in was a huge shock to their high-frequency systems. They went even deeper into the normal human “forgetting” than the average spirit incarnating into a human body.

Thus, the rampant fear. And the sense that everything was a struggle.

Here’s one thing that’s true about Trusting and relaxing (same thing):

Trusting/Relaxing is a CHOICE. In every single moment, you get to CHOOSE to make your life difficult, or to relax into it and Trust that the Universe will bring you everything you need.

Interesting factoid about cats: if they fall out of a 7th-storey window, they walk away. It they fall out of a third-storey window, they break bones and maybe die.

Why? Because when falling from great heights, they have time to remember to RELAX. Tight muscles + powerful impact = broken bones, my friend. That’s why drunk drivers tend to survive the accidents they cause.

So here we have our Ascended Master skiing gleefully off the cliff, knowing it’s going to be a fun ride. All of a sudden, emerging through the veil into the 3-D world, the heavy-duty amnesia kicks in. Just picture yourself waking up 400 feet above packed snow with no parachute, falling straight toward the ground.

I imagine it’s pretty scary. You might start flapping your arms in a vain attempt to fly. You’d probably waste a lot of effort trying to do something—anything!—to slow down that free-fall.

And I’m almost sure you wouldn’t be relaxing and having fun.

And yet, that’s precisely what this client—and any other human, like you or me—is called to do when the ground is hurtling toward us and it looks like we have no safety net. Simply to Trust that there is one, relax, and enjoy the ride.

Oh, and as much as I’d like to end on that note, there’s more.

Last week she found herself faced with unexpected medical debt and wanted a refund. I took a day or two to think about it, and then let her know that it was her choice, of course, but that THIS—connecting with her Akashic Records—was the thing that was going to create clarity for her and connect her with the “ground” she was looking for.

It was actually hard for me to do that, since 2 things I was committed to had moved in to take her appointment time. I trusted they would work themselves out (one did, the other didn’t matter so much after all). Against my will but in line with my heart, I lobbied hard that she move forward with her appointment.

She trusted me to know what was right for her, and gleefully reported today that since yesterday’s channeling, the proposed medical debt was shrunk to 1/10 its original size. Woot! This isn’t the first time people have reported saving thousands of dollars because of their Records consultations.

And as if all that weren’t enough, there’s one more piece to share:

Today for her integration call, this client sent me a drawing she’d made years ago. It was a beautifully rendered half-woman, half-tree (below the waist was a strong tree trunk), and at the ends of her out-stretched arms were not hands but [drum roll please] Beams. Of. Light.

Wow. I [bleep]ing LOVE my job.

4 Comments on ““Life of Struggle” Reframed as Extreme Sport for the Soul”

  1. Elizabeth,
    i am truly awe-struck by this story! I have always loved watching extreme sports, and I was beside myself about all the coincidental implications it held true for me on a soul level! I have known that I was indigo as my 3 sons are. i just can’t express how uplifting reading this is for me! I wish you a great weekend! Looking forward to connecting with you again!
    Blessings to you and yours!

    1. I’m really glad you were helped by the metaphor of extreme spors, Colleen! It was great to talk to you on the phone, and I look forward to reconnecting when your business starts rolling!

      Lots of Love + Light,
      – Elizabeth

  2. Just an amazing story- but not a surprising one! After my channeling, I was very peaceful and serene. Yesterday, in the middle of the SYL call, I got an eviction notice from my apt complex. Really entertaining, since it is a bookkeeping error that causes this. But I also got one 2 weeks ago. Even though they said they would fix it- they didn’t. So, it gave me a deadline of today to give them $1175 that I did not owe them! Then today, I found out that the real estate closing that I had a month ago had a major error- there was an additional tax debt of $19k on the property!! I do know that the title insurance will cover the buyer- he will not lose a cent, but as to how the rest plays out, I won’t know until we meet with the lawyer tomorrow. HOWEVER, the big deal for me was that I was not at all upset or distressed by any of this. Just a few years ago, this would have been almost impossible for me to handle! Now, though, my perspective is much different. I KNOW that everything is just as it should be, and that if this “chaos” is going on in my life, then there is a very good reason, and in the long run, it will be a benefit. Even though at this moment, I clearly can’t see how, it does not matter. I am calm and feeling the love and abundance of the Universe! What a great place to live!!

    1. Congrats, Helen! So glad you’re riding the wave rather than being knocked down by it. This, too, shall pass! And you’ll be a stronger person for it.

      That’s one of the things the Akashic Records are best for: perspective! As in, Divine perspective. As humans we get so caught up in the details and our inability to see the future than we really get in our own way a lot. Glad you’re moving beyond that! For me, that’s your Becoming Unstoppable VIP at work.

      Sending Love!
      – Elizabeth

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