Is your Legendary Self Beckoning You Forward?

We are so much more than we appear to be. We appear to be normal humans, with above-average intelligence and a streak of luck a mile wide, but over all, not too different from our fellows.

The TRUTH is that we are Mythic Beings. If you are here reading this now, it’s because you are being CALLED, on a soul level, to discover your Legendary, Mythic, Epic self.

This calling could be due to your sense of wanting to right injustices you see in the world, or because you’ve got to shift your energy qualitatively in order to keep growing your business, or simply because you’ve started to really FEEL that you have wings, and you want to get to know them. Or maybe you have a certain sacred weapon (could be a sword, staff, bow + arrow, shield, mace, etc.) or mythic companion/s calling to you: Dragon, Faerie, Unicorn, Elf… These are all clues that your LEGENDARY SELF is coming to the fore.

Chances are that if you aren’t already in intimate relationship with your Mythic Self, it’s because you need some assistance. That’s what I’m here for! I specialize in Midwifing extraordinary people’s Mythic Selves, and untying the persistent knots of self-sabotage that holds us in a non-mythic existence.

Because guess what? WE are the ones keeping ourselves from living and the Heroes and Heroines that we know we could be.

We clipped our own wings in order to not be too different as kids. In order to be loved by our families and accepted at school.

We bound, gagged, and over time mummified our Mythic selves to please others–especially authorities like parents, teachers, and religious leaders. It wasn’t meet to show them that we were more powerful than they! So we spurned our Legendary parts, and tried to fit in.

Well, the energetic tide of Planet Earth has turned. After thousands of years of status quo, the age is shifting again. There NEEDS to be a new generation of Legendary Heroes out there doing powerful work to uplift humanity and be the defenders of peace, justice, and freedom.

I suspect that YOU are one of those Mythic Heroes. Let’s find out, shall we? Schedule a call to get all the details and to see if we are a good energetic match.

Once you’ve scheduled, please reach out to Nadia at if you have any questions about process or how it works.

The Legendary Self Exploration is also the first gateway and therefore a prerequisite to the Being Mythic program.

“To work with Elizabeth on my Legendary Self was to reawaken my true being and calling. Simply put, it breathed life back into me.”Megan G-POW, Ph.D.
It was like a shamanic journey… only on STEROIDS! Jen Duchene, Wealth Astronumerologist

Here is a peek into what the Legendary Self Exploration looks like. It takes place over 2 days and lasts roughly 2 hours.

Please note that Nadia will send you the full document as part of the enrollment process–please refer to that–and that these questions are copyrighted.


We start off with a powerful visualization to connect you with your Legendary Self. What does she look like? How big is he? What is she carrying in her hands? What is he wearing on hid body and his head? And so on until we have a very clear vision of what your Legendary Self is up to in the world. Then it’s on to the channeling portion.

The way I channel Records is by you asking, and me retrieving the answer from the Akashic Records Keepers—they are the cosmic librarians who find the answers in your Records for you. Below are the questions you’ll be asking. Be sure to ask them verbatim, in order, and speak any follow-up questions you may have as you hear the answers (this is more important than you can imagine). And, know that we will hold this structure loosely; the Record Keepers dictate where our primary focus needs to be, and what is typical is that all the questions get answered even if you don’t ask them all out loud.

When the reminder to return to the Earth plane sounds, we’ll finish the question that we are on, and ask the final question in which the Keepers will give you anything else that you need to know, including things you didn’t get the chance to ask about. Rest assured that if they don’t mention it, it was less critical than you imagined.

The questions to ask are as follows:

1. Is there more for me to know about who I am on the Mythic plane? (Be sure to ask follow-up questions here as needed; if details are not offered at the beginning, please draw them out with your questions based on the visualization at the beginning of the session.)

2. What is my greatest gift that the world can’t afford to miss out on? (Be sure to ask clarifying questions if unsure; know that when most people hear the answer, their response is: “that’s not a gift!” but it is. Trust that because it feels easy and seamless, it might not feel like a gift.)

3. In what ways am I already showing up as my legendary self, and how can I leverage them?

4. How can I empower my Legendary Self, starting today?

5. What are the best ways to start or continue unwinding the stories that keep me from standing up as the Mythic Being I was born to be?


Today’s call might be shorter than yesterday’s, though perhaps not. The important work of the Integration call is to settle the divine information in your body, and to address any detox symptoms that you may have from releasing old patterns.

Often, and especially although not exclusively after the first time we enter your Records together, your ego might balk at the story your Keepers have told you, because it judges that it’s not in alignment with the stories IT likes to tell about you. So, because you were not 100% in your body on Discovery day, it will toss out the central part—the keystone, the lynchpin holding all the rest together—and the entire lovely Mythic Being architecture will fall apart.

Now, I’m not about to let that stand! So if this is the case, during Integration, while you are fully in your body, I will re-tell the story to Keepers shared of your Legendary Self. In my long experience, that’s enough to send your ego’s version out the window for good.

Time permitting, we will also strategize on how to use your Legendary Powers in your life and/or business.

In case you’re dying to know what the wings at the top of this page mean, here’s the breakdown of what they told me they were. How does your choice of wings feel to you now? Hint: they pick you, not the other way around.

#1 Freedom
#2 Wisdom
#3 Hope
#4 Discernment
#5 Retribution
#6 Alignment
#7 Divine Child
#8 Justice
#9 Trust
#10 Joy
#11 Power
#12 Expansion