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We are living in interesting times… one person who claims to want to be leader of the Free World is a self-proclaimed sexual predator with dictatorial leanings and a misogynist (racist, classist) streak a mile wide, and the other finalist is a history-making female candidate who has spent so much of her career trying to be accepted into the Boys’ Club that she has alienated many women voters. It’s hard for Lightworkers–especially women–to escape the pain of this situation.


Donald Trump’s recently leaked 2005 tape in which he boasts of his criminal sexual behavior toward unsuspecting women has opened up many wounds for women who have been subjected to sexual aggression. We have tried for years to “keep calm and carry on”  with more or less success, but the prospect of this man representing our highest office is so disgusting and hurtful that we can no longer continue soldiering on with a “business as usual” attitude.


Chances are, if you are a woman, or KNOW a woman, you are or know someone who has been sexually aggressed or worse.

Sadly, we live in a culture that not only allows rape and discourages reporting thanks to blaming the victim (“she was asking for it: she shouldn’t have worn that/been walking alone/had so much to drink”), but tacitly condones this violent behavior and even encourages it, as evidenced by men like Trump who feel completely safe (not to mention puffed up) in bragging about their criminal behavior, which then becomes a model for others.

In or out of a locker room, smugly boasting about sexual violence is wrong. (I trust that I don’t need to point out that sexual violence itself is wrong.)

There is not a woman alive in our Western culture who has not been the butt of cat-calls or had men’s eyes linger too long away from her face, been kissed or groped without warning by some man or boy. And if that’s all the ignominy she’s had to endure–because in a rape culture it’s the woman who is shamed and wounded by the attention, and the men who brag and gain street cred from their peers–she can count herself lucky.

A week ago on FB, I started a thread in which I told my multiple rape stories, and invited other women to do the same. It’s time to come out of the shadows, and to bring our hidden pain out in the open so that those who so cavalierly brag about their criminal behavior (which at no time is seen as such by them) can look at their behavior from the other side of the looking glass.

Yes, #notallmen. I agree! Most of the men I know are not sexual predators, thank the gods. And, #yesallwomen have been assaulted or aggressed in some way. Depending on the degree of violence, our emotional responses can run the gamut from feeling sick and worth less than a greasy food wrapper lying on the sidewalk, to having our souls stripped out of us for months and years.

That was my experience after a series of rapes in 1989. I walked around as an empty, shell-version of myself for months, and I still have PTSD episodes. Did it keep me from having successful careers and stable relationships? No, but that speaks more to my courage, fortitude, years of therapy, and emotional processing skills than to any supposed superficiality of the wounds.

Even if my mind forgets, my body remembers. Over 25 years later, every April 15th, when I wonder aloud why I feel so edgy and pissed off at the world (unusual for me), my heart sinks when I realize why. Secretly, I always hope that this year will be the year when I don’t step out of my body, unable to come back, that this year will be the year that the rape anniversary will go by unremarked. So far, I’ve always been disappointed, but maybe next year, right?

I know that I’m preaching to the choir, here. My point is: if you are or know a woman whose sexual wounds are acting up because of Trump’s callous and criminal behavior (talk about adding insult to injury), I’m offering a no-cost healing call on Wednesday at 6 pm Eastern, right before the next debate.

I never know in advance what form the healing will take—it’s all channeled in the moment—but I imagine that this call will use meditation, visualization, shamanic drumming, Tibetan Singing bowl sound healing, and whatever else shows up to help heal from the profoundly disturbing tenor of this election cycle.

Here’s the thing: at least until we change things, women have to live with sexism every single day. And that includes everything from belittling comments and not being heard/listened to, through being threatened on the street in broad daylight because we won’t endanger ourselves by stopping to talk to a creepy stranger, all the way to rape and spousal murder.

And because we are all used to assessing the situation in seconds and (most often) choosing to minimize or defuse it rather than to confront the bastard if the risk is too great, we make ourselves smaller in order to walk away “unscathed.”

Guess what: we may have survived, or kept our jobs (or the job of someone else we love) or maintained the family fiction that Uncle John is not a predator but a harmless old man… but we’re NOT unscathed.

This constant awareness of the need to make ourselves smaller to be safe has SERIOUS consequences to our personal sovereignty. How can we act as the sovereign queens that we are if we continually acquiesce to being treated like trash, or (worse?) make our OWN selves small in order to survive?

This call’s main goal is healing, yes. For those women whose sexual abuse wounds are acting up right now because the presidential candidate’s comments have sent ripples of pain and confusion cascading through their lives, especially. I know this is happening, because it’s happening to me.

And yet, this call is for ALL women. We need to be able to sit on the thrones of our own sovereignty and call out the violations from our Queenly Outrage. Healing AND a restoration of one’s sense of personal power.

You may be wondering what I mean by Sovereignty: I mean feeling whole. Having the right to dictate your own choices. Not having your personal space invaded (an invasion does not imply consent) by someone else. Essentially, Sovereignty is the right to your own Humanity. And this is a right that is often denied to women.

Sovereignty is also what’s at stake in the Black Lives Matter movement. Personal sovereignty implies not being shot during a “routine” traffic stop because your skin is the “wrong” color. I’m not trying to imply that Sovereignty is an issue only for women, because it’s not. If you want to receive the healing on race relations in the US, click here for that free offering.

This is a FREE call but you must register. Thank you, also, for sending your friends, neighbors, co-workers, mothers, sisters, and whomever in your life needs to release this energy, over to the registration page so that I can send them last-minute call-in details, and the replay link afterwards.

Please send those who are not receiving my emails to this page as well. Feel free to share on twitter, in private FB groups, wherever you feel it’s appropriate and you know of women who could use some healing support.

To be clear: we are NOT victims. We are SURVIVORS. And now we’re ready to heal ourselves and our culture of the grangrene that is eating away at our national insides.

I cannot change what happened to me or to them, but I CAN offer healing. Those who were on a similar call with me last week reported feeling overwhelmingly better.

Didn’t make the live call? No problem. Energy isn’t subject to the “rules” of space-time.

It simply flows where it needs to flow when it’s called for.

It could be that I’ll offer a men-only call sometime in the next week if there’s a demand for it. We ALL need to heal the wounds of Patriarchy in order for sexism and the subtle or overt violence that accompanies it to go the way of the dinosaurs. It is TIME for the Sacred Masculine to lose the warped mask it has worn for the past 4 thousand years, to come back and dance with the Divine Feminine as equal partners, yin and yang, flowing together without separation or judgment.

Yes, you missed the live call, but never fear: energy and healing are not bound by space + time. Whenever you choose to listen, as many times as you choose to listen, whatever needs to be healed in that present moment can and will be. Rest assured that this is a sacred healing container.

If you’re a man reading this and would like to support the women in your life and in the wider world, please do so by respecting the sacred, women-only space, and by inviting the women whom you love to join this call. Your interest is appreciated, and yet, in order to maintain the sanctity of the sacred healing container, please do the honorable thing and leave us room to heal our vulnerable hearts in hallowed seclusion.


The women in my Oracle Circle who experienced a similar healing call a few days ago felt SO much lighter and more free afterwards. I invite you to join me for this restorative elixir of release, empowerment, and restoration of sovereignty and hope. Register below to be taken straight to the healing replay.