Friday the 13th and Redefining Power


Happy Friday the 13th!

For hundreds of years, we in the West have been fed the BS line that Fridays the 13th are days of absolute bad luck. And because what we focus on expands, when people looked for so-called bad luck, they found it. (We’re such amazing manifestors, truly.)

That’s not just a pile of bullshit, it’s sexist bullshit. Here’s why: it’s THE day of the Divine Feminine par excellence.

The days of the week are all assigned to a planet/God. We’ve got Satur(n)-day, Sun-day, Moon-Day, and then in English a string of days named for Norse deities: Tiw’s-day, Odin’s-Day, Thor’s-day, and Freya’s-day. (In Romance languages like French, Spanish, and Italian, the Norse names are replaced by Latin ones: Mars-day, Mercury-day, Jupiter-day, and Venus-day.)

Friday, then, is the one day of the week named for a Goddess, unless you count the Moon, which most do not. Friday is the DAY of the Goddess.

Thirteen is the NUMBER of the Goddess. It has to do with the number of Moons in the year, and the pregnancy or fertility associated with the Moon cycles which are the life cycles.

At the New Moon, we have a birth; new energy arrives. The first week is analogous to childhood for a human, the weeks leading up to and following the Full Moon are as to adulthood, and the final quarter waning into Balsamic Moon is like old age and death; a death which instantly becomes a new birth! And the cycle continues. Thirteen is the number of A B U N D A N C E.

(Incidentally, the number 13, the number of the Goddess, is also associated with the Phoenix: this mythic bird represents the birth-death-rebirth cycle of all energies.)

It’s sexist BS because church fathers wanted to take power away from the Goddess. What better way than to convince worshippers that the most special day of Magick and Manifestation was actually one of bad luck? If you keep everyone hiding indoors out of fear, the feasts and celebrations will die out pretty quickly, right?

In this old, fear-based, and thankfully moribund patriarchal paradigm, power was always seen as power OVER.

There was a hierarchy, and the only way to feel good about yourself when you were being oppressed by those above you was to oppress those below you. God was at the top of the pyramid scheme, with the King as his human representative right below. The King was Lord to his vassals, and his vassals were the Lords to theirs on down to the peasants.

You knew you had power because others placed you above themselves. (The expression “looking up to” someone was not originally metaphorical.)

Power and influence were not generally acquirable: you were born with lands and a title, inherited from your father and passed down through your sons; or you weren’t. It was a zero-sum-game because there were only so many lands available. You either had power, or you didn’t. Game over.

The truth about power, and in the US, people are starting to see this at work, is that it has nothing to do with how much money you have (probably inherited) or what office you hold (possibly thanks to election-tampering)-in other words, externals that were bestowed, not earned-and everything to do with how you use your energy and intention. It’s about choice. Choosing how to use your energy. Will it be for the greater good, or for personal benefit?

The emerging paradigm, based on Love, not fear, is about power within or power among. It’s a harmonizing balance between the Divine Feminine and the Sacred Masculine (which has nothing to do with the wounded masculine of patriarchy). Power is sourced from connection: with the earth, with the stars, with other humans, with animals, plants, mountains, oceans, lakes, and streams.

It is limitless.

This is the power of Creation. The power of creativity. Fertility. Movement. Expansion. But not necessarily expansion outwards: quantum expansion inwards is a big part of this new paradigm. The enfoldment of multiple dimensions upon one another, not to declare one the “winner” but to experience pure abundance.

To me, this is the promise of Friday the 13th. It’s a day of Love. Beauty. Connection. Fulfillment. Abundance. Enhanced Intuition. Flowers blossoming. Birds singing. Sunshine. Joy. Magick. I hope you’ll join me in honoring it as it is meant to be celebrated.

If you been following me on Facebook, you know I’ve been talking about Indigos a lot over the past month. As an Indigo myself, and whose two previous business names included the words “Indigo Light,” I always thought that I was talking to Indigos about Indigos. It turns out that I wasn’t! I find this hilarious (I truly didn’t realize that I wasn’t being explicit about this, and for a seer, that’s a bitter pill to swallow) and a useful illustration: one of the points I try to bring home again and again about Indigos is that (1) we feel called to make big changes in the world and (2) we’re collectively pretty skittish about people seeing us using our Sacred Gifts. I thought I was talking to Indigos about the special gifts, characteristics, and needs of Indigos in my business called Indigo Light, but I wasn’t.

In other words, THINKING you’re being visible doesn’t actually MAKE you visible. Especially if being visible calls up powerful unconscious fears of dying.

Here’s my take on Indigos and Power:

Indigos came here AS powerful heroic types, but as children we typically shut ourselves down in order to not be shunned. Love and acceptance are as important for human babies as shelter and nourishment, and Indigos were no exception. To not appear TOO different (unlovable) we pretended to be “normal” and disengaged ourselves from our divine gifts.

We were so good at hiding these from others, that soon we forgot them ourselves, and in the past 5-10 years, typically, the remembrance has begun. We are awakening to our sacred gifts and the importance of using them in this lifetime for the betterment of all humanity.

Here’s the tricky part: How do we bridge the gap between feeling fundamentally unsafe (like we could literally die) about owning our gifts . . . and wielding them comfortably so that the collective good is served?

One of the ways to bridge that gap is to come to terms with your own power. For Indigos, power isn’t just a birthRIGHT, it’s a birthMUST. Now that our survival no longer depends on not being cast out by our families, it’s time to get clear on our relationship with power.

For some, past-life memories of being killed for our powerful sacred gifts are arising, and if that feels true for you, please ask to join the private FB group that is the container for a program of healing the wounds of the Burning Times; we’re having a big event there today for Friday the 13th. It starts in the private group at 3 pm ET, noon Pacific, 8 pm GMT. More on this event below.

For others, it may be a strong past-life memory of misusing your power: oppressing or enslaving others, burning down villages in a fit of pique, using your influence to manipulate the masses are just a few examples. I run into this nearly as often as the “killed for my gifts” fear of being powerful in clients’ Akashic Records.

Either way, if you’re reading this post, the time has come to release your fears about being powerful and being seen so that you can actually do what you came here to do.

Feeling like you’ll never be friends with power? Try my Breathing in the Stars meditation. This exercise connects you to your true self, star-child that you are. Stars shine their light over millions or billions of lightyears to reach us as a reminder of who we truly are. Even if you cannot see them, you can connect to their energy.

And, if you’re feeling ready to get nitty gritty about where you’re not in your power and how to get there, let’s have a conversation. Isn’t it time?

Calling all Healers + Visionaries

Free event TODAY, Friday the 13th of April, happening LIVE on Facebook at 3 Eastern, noon Pacific, 8 GMT.

Register HERE to join.

(Sorry, this event is for women only, but if you’re a guy who feels like you were persecuted for your gifts in a past life (embodied as either gender), let us know. We want this event to feel safe for the women participating but recognize that you may desire some healing too.)

When Kai approached me about doing a workshop on healing the wounds of the Burning Times (witch trials) so that women healers and entrepreneurs could stand up and be visible, I was an immediate yes.

I know that visibility is a tough nut to crack for many healers, empaths and Indigos, and even when we think that we have, chances are that we really haven’t! (I’m a perfect example, as you read above…)

This free event will likely last about an hour to 90 minutes. I’ll do a little channeling about the Burning Times, we’ll introduce some meditations, rituals, and techniques to help you both own and process these past lives, and Kai will do her signature tapping moves to remove the charge from any painful past-live memories you may be having, and that may be keeping you from living out your Mission in the world. There will also be room for you to ask questions and briefly share your experiences.

We hope that you’ll join us!

Here’s the Livestream of our first public presentation:

Here is Kai’s “why” for creating this event/series:

“For me it’s been because of how powerfully EFT Tapping connected me with my past life memories.

AND the wide spread fear among healers by trade or nature who are terrified of being seen.

Its so physical!

I believe that when we gather the healers to come together and uplift their whole consciousness around this very real place then the wake up team (that’s all of us hehe) will be ready and the tipping point for the spiritual revolution will ascend.

So I’m doing this for the global scale.

Literally for world revolution on an interconnected scale.

Our combined frequency of pure Love and Light makes a significant impact on planet Earth.

Especially because of the ripple effect.

Its so meaningful to do this work… And that’s why I’m passionate about sharing it. ”