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Click on the link to pick up your handy guide to reading your crystal kingdom messages:


Earth Magick Essentials


Look on my FaceBook page for a link with a photo of my bowl of crystals, announcing the start and/or continuation of the next Crystal-pulling party. I tend to do these around the New and Full Moons, to help with intention-setting at the start of the lunation, and dealing with any emotional fallout from the expansive energy of the Full Moon.


Your exclusive Savings Code for $100 off of Crystal Crush is Magick100. Please do not share either the Guide or the code with your friends, as that’s out of line with integrity.


Enjoy! And be sure to connect with me if you have any questions, comments, or run into any snags. I’m quite proud of this guide, so I want to hear how you’re loving it. (Or, if you’re not, I want to know that, too, and why.)



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