A 6-Month Support System to Leverage Source Energy +
the Wisdom of the Akashic Records in Your Business

Chief Alignment Officer is not for decision-makers who think brute force and trying the same thing again and again until it works (dammit!) is the only way to get things done.

Chief Alignment Officer is for business owners who are willing to  let go to pivot.

Chief Alignment Officer is for freedom-seekers, willing to be guided and supported. 

Chief Alignment Officer is for those who know that personal growth is part of the equation for success.

No matter the size, age or current profitability of your business, engaging Elizabeth Locey as your Chief Alignment Officer can help

  • Deftly position yourself in a crowded marketplace
  • Know which offerings to release and when for maximum ease,  impact, and income
  • About to hire more team? Run their names by your Chief Alignment Officer first to avoid disappointment
  • Looking for a new URL? Discover which one will spell greatest success

With a higher (divine) perspective you can see past obstacles and avoid dead ends that might have tripped you up in the past.

“Elizabeth plugged me into a whole new fierce and fabulous way of doing business that has made all the difference! She took me to a place where anything I want is possible. I’m so glad I trusted my instinct to work with her.”
–Stella Orange, Wordsmith

Akashic Records are your Soul Archives. They contain the answer to every question you could have about your past, your present, and even probable drafts or timelines for the future. When working consistently in your Akashic Records with Elizabeth as your Chief Alignment Officer, new vistas of prosperity and effortlessness open up.

Deploy your most powerful gifts and strongest offerings at the perfect time.

Allow all the decisions and pivot points in your business to be effortless. Yes, you have to implement the suggested courses of action, but once you know which path is by FAR the best, taking the steps is not that hard.

Always know which way to go

Chief Alignment Officer is for you if your business is rolling along, and:

  • you intuitively know that your passion project shouldn’t be so stressful
  • so far you haven’t been able to carve out enough time for self-care or key relationships; that’s got to change
  • you want to expand your offerings and can’t decide where to start
  • you’d like to pivot in place or add a new wing to your business
  • you sense that changes are coming to your business landscape; you can’t tell what they are but you want to stay ahead of them
  • maybe you want to write a book, but is that the best use of your time + energy right now?
  • you desire to create + make the most of opportunities for greater exposure and influence
  • you want to be in the ideal energetic place to attract and engage a new customer base
  • you always want to be 2 or 3 steps ahead of others in your field
  • a quantum leap in your influence and revenue levels sounds pretty damn sweet

I want to acknowledge and thank you for your ongoing support, guidance and your ability to cut to the heart of any matter with clarity, kindness and humor – your imagery and words really help me to reframe the how and the what I put my focus on. Having clear tools and a spiritual “checklist” of how to proceed makes me feel confident and excited, so I can be open to the best path forward. Yes! Thank you, Elizabeth!

–Karen M, actress + HuffPost columnist

Chief Alignment Officer is NOT for you if:

  • Your business is under a year old,  you are still figuring out nuts and bolts, or you’re not yet creating consistent income (keep us in your back pocket for next year when you’ll need to make decisions more quickly)
  • You don’t trust, or have resistance to following, spiritual guidance
  • You like to operate more as a bulldozer than water flowing around a rock
  • You’re not willing to invest time, energy, and money in improving your life, both professionally and personally (because, we’re all nicer to others, less stressed and more generous when we are masterful in our career paths, right?)

You know that business success doesn’t happen in a vacuum. If you’ve been pre-occupied by relationships or what’s going on at home, bring your questions to Elizabeth as well. Her genius lies in being that Voice of the Beyond, which doesn’t compartmentalize. The truth is that everything (and everyone) is connected.

Harmony + Balance + Peace ARE possible in your business, even in the midst of expansion and forward motion.. This is how it’s meant to be.

Enlist Elizabeth’s magick to transform your business.

Here’s what’s possible:

You’ve developed your vision, now discover the steps to make it a reality. It’s really not out of reach. No matter what your level of business.

Never let indecision slow you down or stop you again.

Quickly expand your reach + influence.

Change more people’s lives for the better, including yours.

Discover the personality of your business (yes, it has one!) and act accordingly to facilitate everything running more smoothly.

Nimbly avoid possible mis-steps that could devalue your brand.

Hire the most aligned and easy to work with employees.

Put your inner critic out of a job.

Take more vacations thanks to all the time you’ve saved puzzling out major decisions–just leave those to Elizabeth.

Enjoy the Journey. It’s not just the destination that counts.

This is NOT a one-size-fits-all program. Your business is completely unique (it even shifts moment to moment in relation to itself) so how could it possibly require answers that are the same for other businesses?

Come to every meeting armed with a list of burning questions for your business. The answers could be a simple yes or no (“is it the best time to [fill in the blank]?”) and you can always ask for plenty of reasons why. We recommend always asking the clarifying questions, because this is where the gold is.

Much of the magick of the Records centers around the fact that some of the most potent and jaw-dropping information comes tangentially, as part of an answer for a seemingly unrelated question. Because of the uninterrupted flow of valuable information, all calls are recorded.

Find Your Own Path

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to step onto your path of alignment: personally, professionally, ethically, socially, and more. The truth is that even when you feel stuck on the horns of a decision, your soul has already chosen: powerfully and long ago. When you let THAT answer and THAT level of alignment be your beacon, everything gets easier. Better. More joy-filled. This creates space for more of what you want (time, money, friends, social or political impact, rest, better health, romantic partnerships, family… you name it).

So what is alignment, really? It’s the capacity to stay in a state of FLOW.

If a water hose has a kink in it, the flow of water is interrupted.

If your spine is out of alignment, the signals from your nervous system are not properly communicated, causing interruptions in your immune system, your sense of equilibrium, and more. You may overcompensate and create poor balance in your all your bodily systems, causing a general decline of wellbeing. The more off-kilter your body becomes, the more grave the health and wellness consequences.

Aligning dominoes (it doesn’t have to be a straight line) also creates a sense of flow: if you knock the first one over, all the rest will fall with no further effort on your part: all you needed was a catalyst. How wonderfully simple and graceful!

“The whole process was so uplifting and validating-with practical application, too! It gave me a lot of gems to process and consider, as I evolve in my own intuitive coaching work and my personal life. Elizabeth’s empathy, warmth, skilled guidance and intuitive wisdom were such a joy to experience. If you value personal growth, self-discovery and intuitive exploration, working with Elizabeth is a fantastic and rare opportunity.”

–Lisa Dennys, B.Sc. (OT), D.C.M., D.Ac., CPC, Bestselling Author of Unveiling Lyme Disease: Is This What’s Behind Your Chronic Illness?

The Chief Alignment Officer program offers 6 months of ongoing support for decision makers, be they corporate, non-profit, creative, or entrepreneurial.

This is not a coaching relationship: the calls with Elizabeth will be strictly answers to the questions you ask in the Records of your business. All calls are recorded as the key information will be coming fast + furious.

Two levels of support are offered:

  • If you’re ready to go and you know you’ve got plenty of questions–you’re hitting decision points daily or weekly–the 90 minutes per month level is for you. Decide whether you want to meet twice for 45 minutes, or 3 times for 30 minutes each per month. More time monthly can be negotiated on an individual basis. Investment: $1000/month
  • If you’re not sure you’ll need that much support, go for the 45 minutes per month level; meet with Elizabeth once a month for 45 minutes. If you find you need more, you can always upgrade later. Investment: a very affordable $500/month

All contracts carry a duration of 6 months of support and are renewable. Payable monthly, or save 15% when you pay in full

Ready to get started? Apply here to meet with Elizabeth for a short mutual vetting session.

Hi, I’m Elizabeth Locey, Ph.D. and Oracle. My genius lies in acting as the Voice of the Beyond for spiritual truths–including your own–that don’t have a broadcasting license.
For 20 years I was an academic (award-winning professor of French + Women’s Studies, internationally known scholar in my field, chair of my department at 35) but I left all that behind to help others on their own paths to greatness.

I’ve been channeling Akashic Records my whole life, but until 10 years ago did not realize this was not a skill everyone had! No wonder I lived such a charmed life, always waiting for the perfectly-aligned moment to act, though most of the time I blamed myself for procrastinating until the better-than-my-wildest-dreams outcome.

If you’re interested in Chief Alignment Officer, it’s because you know that you have a big mission to accomplish in this incarnation. Get there faster and with fewer stubbed toes or scraped knees with the help of your Akashic Records. It is my great honor and privilege to share the fruits of this gift with the world.

Now of course YOU wouldn’t ever do anything like this, but here is a good example of where a Chief Alignment Officer was needed but was lacking:
The Trump Administration’s decision to remove children from their families and put everyone in cages as though they were sub-human is the kind of radical mis-alignment and tone-deafness that will likely lead to them losing power in future elections. True, some of their most ardent supporters are on board with it, but most people in the world are justifiably scandalized. AND MOBILIZING. This step out of line with most people’s values has initiated a tidal wave of response.

As humanity moves more and more deeply into the paradigm shift (the current US president is a catalyst), what has come out of the Records is that most long-standing corporations with a top-down management style will not be around in 10-20 years if they don’t start shifting along with the planet. Being tone-deaf is likely to be the cause of sudden and unexpected company demise as consumers rally against them. Thus the importance of alignment officers.

I didn’t want to put anything fear-based in the main page (being an aligned leader in the future is all about connecting via LOVE not fear) but you’re still reading, so here it is. It’s nothing for you to be concerned with, though! Step into alignment and rise above the rest. Apply now.